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Testimonials from parents and students


The folks at Tuttle's, especially Mike, did a wonderful job in getting my son ready for his driving test. By the time the big day rolled around, my son was comfortable and confident behind the wheel. He had a solid grasp of the rules of the road, and had been given ample road time. Mike even spent a Sunday afternoon in the car with him, just to make sure he was ready. Tuttle's does a great job!


My experience with Tuttle's Driving School was a very positive one start to finish. The owner Mike was very easy going and it was a pleasure to work with him and his team. I would highly recommend Tuttle's Driving School to anyone who's looking for a reputable school at a competitive price, you won't regret it.



Thank you so much for all you guys do, I'm happy I'm done but i will definitely miss all the great people and how patient they are!


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